Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#6 Cards, anyone?

For as long as I can remember, I have always been around card playing. Whether it be playing UNO with my sisters as a young child or watching my mom & dad playing pinochle/solo/etc with family and friends at home or out & about or learning how to play some of those various card games as a kid and now playing them as an adult, cards have always been around (along with various board games too.)

The games I have played have taken many forms over the years & in some ways have come full circle...

"Slam" My sisters & I made this game up as kids (I just made this name up, since I don't think there was ever an official name for it :) Basically, it consisted of us throwing down playing cards & the winner was the first one to slam their hand onto the pile-it was our attempt at "playing cards" like the we saw the grown-ups doing ;)

"Old Maid" & "UNO" The first card games I learned to play also with my sisters (& probably mom to help us get started :) 'UNO' is one of those "full circle" games because it is now one I play yet again because it is a favorite with my nieces!

"Up and Down the River" This one came along in grade school & is one of the easiest games to learn & the first "official" card game I was taught by my Grandma & Grandpa. We girls were always wanting to play cards like the adults so they taught us this game so we could play 'like the adults'

Junior High brought along "Bullshit!" which was great because you had to cuss when playing it ;)

"Pinochle" I think this one came along in late junior high (at least that's when I remember finally really "getting it") This one became mandatory if one ever wanted/wants to participate in the marathon playing sessions that go on when my mom's side of the family get together. It's also pretty popular with my dad's side too so it's definitely a good one to know :)

"Euchre" came along in college when some of my friends taught it to me after they had been playing it a whole bunch at their college. It was handy to know once I started dating Scott, since it was his & his circle of friends' game of choice!

Drinking Games It was college & cards were usually always involved-enough said!

"Phase 10" came around after I was married & is definitely one of my favorites even though it can take several hours to play at times.

"Gin" is a game I haven't played much of lately & I have only ever played it with my brother-in-law, Brad, but we both agree that there is definitely some weird tie as to who wins & it is all dependant upon whether or not my sis-in-law, Mary, is present at the time...

"Solo" is yet to be learned, but my dad does try to break out the lessons every once in awhile for my sisters & me-maybe one of these days it'll be figured out, but then I'm never sure who I'd ever play it with :)

There are probably lots more that I haven't mentioned, but these are probably the ones that have the most memories associated with them, thus, they pop into my brain quickest.

Cards have been a big part of whom I have been over these past 30 years & I have a feeling that isn't going to change much over the next 30 years as I intend to keep right on playing whenever I'm given the opportunity.

Card game, anyone?

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