Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School...

Grateful: To have a job, especially after being a "casualty" of the budget cuts here in IL at the end of last school year

Dread: Of the uncertain "environment" we'll all be in because of those same cuts-teachers switching grade levels-some with only a week's notice, 'new' teachers to the building, teachers having switched classrooms over the summer-there are many changes to wrap one's head around

Excitement: To see all of the students & my returning coworkers

Anxiety: Because I finally found my groove for "staying home" with Luke right about mid-late July & now it's going to be over (at least until next summer anyway)

Glad: That Scott & I started working out our 'morning routine' for getting everyone out of the house again at the end of last week, hopefully, that will lead to a smoother transition tomorrow & next week

Hopeful: That despite all of these mixed feelings, this school year will get off to a great start & be one of the best yet!


Michelle said...

Good luck on the beginning of the new school year! I still can't believe it's almost time to head back. My room is almost all set up, but I still have a few more weeks of summer!!

Carrie27 said...

It's so strange to be seeing everyone getting ready for back to school, and I'm joining in. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Anita said...

Michelle~I'm sooo jealous that you still have some summer left :)

Carrie~Good luck going back to school! I haven't had much time for checking updates this past week so I had to do a quick "catch up" ;)