Monday, August 30, 2010

Can it be...3?

How can it be so?........My little man has turned 3!

"Yesterday" it seemed like he was scooting around on the floor babbling things that I couldn't understand.
And now, I can barely keep up with him as he runs all over the place telling me stories about things that I can't believe he's old enough to understand.

"Yesterday" he barely even knew what to do with a candle on his birthday cake.
And now, he blows it out (maybe with just a little extra spit due to enthusiasm!) and follows it up with "I made a wish!" & one of the biggest smiles you could imagine!

"Yesterday" he used tantrums to try to get what he wanted.
And now, even thought those terrible tantrums still exsist-somewhere in the last few weeks "manners" have finally started appearing more consistently-I love his 'please's' 'no thank you's' & 'OH thank you's' that are given really without much prodding from me at all anymore.

"Yesterday" he hardly knew what to do with the phone.
And now, he loves to hold a full conversation with anyone willing to talk with him on it.

"Yesterday" he was my little guy.
And now, he's still my 'little guy' but how & when did he decide to get so tall!

"Yesterday" he brought a joy I had never known before into my life.
And now, well I'm glad to say, that this is one thing that has not changed!
(Even if he does still like to supply me with plenty of "hair pulling" moments on occasion! ;)

Happy Birthday to my "little man"~Luke!
I just can't believe you're 3 :)

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Carrie27 said...

Time flies. Happy birthday to your little man!