Monday, September 19, 2011


Happy Birthday today to me! :)

31 lacks the glory of is just "another" birthday.  But I have enjoyed it.

It was just another regular day & that is really all I wanted this year...maybe because it fell on a Monday this year so I didn't really expect much from it.

I got to enjoy the day with students (many of whom just had to tell me "Happy Birthday!" every.single.time they saw me throughout the day. :)  I even had former students who were eager to wish me happy really does make one feel special. 

The 2nd grade classroom I work in helped me celebrate with cookies :)

My parents swung out our way yesterday for a nice afternoon. :)

I received a phone call from some of my favorite people in the world, my goddaughter/niece Melissa and her sisters (with my sister helping in the background.)  :)

My in-laws swung by this evening for a little bit. :)

The only downside to the day was a very long afternoon spent with one very tired 4 year old who did not get his nap today due to renovations going on at the sitter's house. :(  It made for an afternoon/evening of "ignoring" what his mother was saying &/or doing the exact opposite!  Happy Birthday to Mom.

Oh well, at the very least, he is still one of the most precious "gifts" I could ever have received and he did have a good day for everyone else (preschool & sitter!) ;)  What more could a mom ask for, right?

And, as for Scott, well he did cook supper, offered to do Luke's bedtime, and even sat through watching the silly soap opera that I DVR'd today...without complaining! :)

It was a GOOD DAY!  Even if it was just a plain ole regular day! ;)

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