Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Have I Been Doing? (By the bullets :)

*I've been training for another 1/2 marathon at the end of October (which I have yet to officially sign up for...probably will sometime this week.)  Thus far, the training has been different in several ways much to my surprise & I will try to post more about it in a future post.

*Luke has been adjusting to preschool and seems to like it.  Now if he could just stay awake on the bus ;) This has happened on several occasions & results in no nap at the sitter's and a cranky evening by the time we get home.  It hasn't helped that these same days have tended to be the days he gets up at 4:30 thus he falls asleep on the bus...(seriously, I'm thinking maybe he should be a dairy farmer someday!)

*I learn more about myself with each passing day & have been trying to figure out how this might translate into blog posts or a series of blog posts in the future.

*Yesterday, I was thinking "I've still got it!" after running 7 miles first thing in the morning and then helping with 4 hours of a volleyball open gym.  A half hour of which I particpated in a full out scrimmage.  I hadn't done that for years & it was so much fun.  Plus, I kept thinking...I've already ran 7 miles today & now I'm playing volleyball (& pretty well at that ;)  I was joking that it was my "8th" mile for the day (interestingly enough I did burn about the same amount of calories as I would have running that mile...)  I felt so good by the time I was heading home.  Then I got home & got SO TIRED!  In fact, I'm still tired today and just a little sore, but I did get out there for 3 more miles this evening so we'll see what I feel like in the morning...maybe I am getting older after all :)

*Finally, my apologies to my dad for "wasting" his time.  The poor guy was asking me about this blog & why I haven't been posting...he stated that I've been "wasting people's time when they check it and there is nothing new to read" (& yes, I told him that it was quite possible that he would be quoted here) MY APOLOGIES :)

For those of you checking in, I hope you enjoyed seeing something new! ;)

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