Monday, July 15, 2013

Ace or Base?

No Kidding!

In the last two weeks, three people whom I know personally have had babies.  This is really not that shocking in the grand scheme of things nor has it never happened before, but...

Baby #1 (my cousin's) was named Jase

Baby #2 (my friend/coworker's) was named Case

Baby #3 (friend of the family) was named Jace

My wonderful friend, Lora, who is an aunt to that last baby suggested (after I told her this phenomenon) that maybe we should name this baby Ace!  I also suggested that maybe we should just pick a random consonant and add it to the front of Ace or Ase to make a name that sticks with the trend (e.g. Mace, Base, Dace, Lace, etc.)  We laughed about it, but later that evening as I was perusing some celebrity news, I learned that someone else has already beat us to the punch!

Jessica Simpson :)

At the end of June (I know I'm always a bit behind with news of any kind), she named her baby, you guessed it, ACE!

Sorry Lora...guess we'll have to stick with some random consonant or NOT! :)

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