Wednesday, July 10, 2013

From His Mouth to God's Ear!

Last night Luke came into the house to show me his "treasures"...a baby grasshopper and a baby toad.  Of course, they were only in his hand (not a container) and when he opened his hand to show me the toad-it hopped out.

I quickly went to get a container for the grasshopper so we could catch the toad.  We looked under the recliner where it had hopped-nothing.  We looked under the nearby couch-nothing.  We looked around the nearby toybox-nothing.  He looked behind the TV-nothing.  There was a toad loose in my house!  I am not above having said that if I found the toad it was going to die, which (I should have known better...) brought on panic by the son.

We both calmed down and he continued looking for a few more minutes until bedtime.  Admittedly, he was one very worried little boy as he headed up to bed.  As he was changing in the bathroom, this is the conversation that took place...

Luke:  "Mom, when is God going to come down from Heaven again?"
Me:  "Well, nobody knows that for sure."
Luke:  "Oh...well when God comes down from Heaven, there is something I want to tell him."
Me:  "Is it about your toad?"
Luke:  "Yes"
Me:  "You know that God can hear you all of the time so you can tell him whatever you need to tell him now and he will hear it."
Luke (talking to God):  "God, will you please keep my toad safe and help me find it tomorrow?  Please, God, please."
Me:  "When I said before that the toad would die that is because if it stays stuck in the house-it will die because this isn't the right place for it.  The house doesn't have the right food it needs."
Luke:  "Ok mom.  Will God protect the toad?"
Me:  "If you asked him, he will do his best and we will look for it again tomorrow."

I put him to bed and after a few tosses and turnings and anxiety induced memory moments...he fell asleep.  I went back downstairs and relayed the lost toad information to Scott (who had been outside mowing the grass when all of this occurred) and went to sit down in my recliner.

Lo and behold, out of the corner of my eye, I see something move.  Sitting right there in the middle of the dining room floor is THE TOAD!  I caught it (alive and well mind you) and put it on the fireplace mantel where Luke would see it first thing in the morning.  When he came into our bedroom this morning, I told him that God answered his prayer and there was one happy little boy heading down to the living room to see his what was once "lost" toad! :)

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