Friday, July 30, 2010

Naptime conversation

Here's the setup:

It was naptime & for one of his choices of naptime books, Luke had picked Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess for me to read to him. As I finish reading the book, this is the conversation you would have overheard one day this week...

Luke: "Watch Green Eggs and Ham on TV!"

(Note-The television show of this book exsisted in our DVR at one time, but then that particular DVR box broke down and unfortunately, as is life, the new DVR box sent by the TV company did not come with all of the things that we had recorded on the old one, thus Green Eggs and Ham the television show was lost...try explaining that to a 2 year old :)

Me: "We don't have that show anymore. It was on the black box that broke so we don't have it anymore."

Luke: "It broke?"

Me: "Yep, we don't have it anymore. We'll just have to wait until around Christmas time (when we had originally taped it the first time) and see if it is on TV again so that we can put it on the new box."

Luke: "I'm going to tell Santa Clause (wait for's not what you would think...................................he would be wanting to tell Santa Clause at this point in the conversation....................) that I rolled my tractors in my poop."

Me: (look of slight confusion followed by stifling a grin) "Do you think Santa Clause will like that you did that? Was that a good choice?"

Luke: "Oh, yes!"

I'm not really sure how this conversation took such a drastic change of direction right there in the middle. Christmas=Santa that I get, but Christmas=Santa=telling Santa about his antics with poop that I'm not so sure about! Unfortunately, he probably does think that playing with his toys in his poop is a wonderful decision each time he has done it, but unfortunately for him, his mother does not so each time it happens those toys disappear...maybe this is why he thinks the man in the big red suit needs to know about the tractors in the poop. ;)

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