Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Advent Happenings

Here is Luke's and my handiwork...

 Closer up...

Each day we check the "tree" and Luke pulls off the post-it number for the day.  We flip the "ornament" up to see what Christmas 'job' we will do that day.  He has been very excited about it and I can honestly say that each day I look forward to whatever the task is for the day too :)

I tried to stick more with the concept of "preparing and waiting" for Christmas (to be more Advent themed) so most of our tasks are things to get the house or ourselves ready.  A few traditions and fun activities are sprinkled in along the way, but mostly I tried to incorporate something "fun" into a job that would have needed to be done anyway.  This way he has fun and feels like he is helping us out too, which is something that he constantly wants to be doing...helping somebody. It has also made the holidays much less stressful for and decorating one room or thing at a time rather than the whole house on one day.  And with the help of a kid who LOVES to clean/dust...what more could a mom ask for!

On a side note, it has its educational aspects too...teaching patience as well as numbers! ;)

All in all, it has been a neat experience and I'm looking forward to possibly making it a new family tradition in the years to come!

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