Friday, December 30, 2011

Read This

"Mrs. S. what did I write?"

This was the question I heard from a kindergartener on one of the last days of school before Christmas break.  The students had been working on writing Christmas lists when I came into the room for reading time.  The teacher had me helping some of the students "read" their lists.  Here's a little pop quiz, see if you can guess which answers were mine and which answer was what the student actually wrote.

The paper said,...

"trngl kosoo"

Your choices are:

A. "triangle kazoo"

B. "tangled kozoo"


C. "Tinkerbell costume"

If you chose C, then you did a much better job than I did of trying to read what she wrote as you witnessed in answers A and B.  At least my messed up attempts at trying to decode her words DID help her to come up with the answer to her question at the beginning of this post! :)

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