Monday, October 6, 2008

Can it really be 10 years?

I have been asking myself this question all weekend. My 10 year class reunion was this past weekend & I really enjoyed it, but when it comes to high school & reunions there are always things that strike me as interesting. Like...

How does it not really seem like it has been 5 years or more since I've seen some of these people, but at the same time our lives have all changed quite a bit?
Why does thinking back on high school always make me wish that I could go back & change some things?
When will some of these people grow up?
How is it so easy to have such a good time with people you only see once every few years?
How I can talk to so many different people in just the span of a few hours & actually be genuinely interested in everything they have to tell me?
Why do some people lose the opportunity to connect with others by sticking with the same few friends (that they see quite often already) all evening long? (I was of course one of the few people intruding into some of these little gatherings-not that anyone minded...I think?)
How does all of this reminising still bring up all of those old/weird feelings of insecurity...yet nowadays, I'm so much more confident that instead of hanging back-I just pick myself up & approach the people/things that bring up those feelings?
Why does it always leave me feeling like I wish I could see everyone more often & know them better than I do?...

We didn't have a super great turnout, but it was a good mix of people to make for a fun evening of hanging out together. I enjoyed flowing from one group of people to the next & then back to my 'closer' group of friends. I learned alot about many of my classmates & even felt like I broke down a few of those 'walls' that people put up when they're uncomfortable too. I could also tell that I have grown up quite a lot over the past 10 years (& may be becoming more like my mom as we speak!) Before where I would have seen some of these people as people who I would assume "probably didn't care if they talked to me" so I would hang back & not talk to them-now I saw those same people & assumed the same things, but I got over myself & just approached them. I found myself to be pleasantly surprised by the 'genuine' reactions of happiness to see me & interest to talk to me about my life & theirs. That is a really cool feeling!

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Anita said...

Just to clarify, when I say that I "wouldn't talk to them" it's not because I was a 'snob', but out of shyness/insecurity that I didn't measure up to them at the time.
I thought that line sounded kind of funny after I posted it. :)