Friday, October 24, 2008

Election Blues!

I am sooo ready for this election to be OVER! I don't mind the politics & discussing the issues, but after literally 2 years of hearing about 'candidates for President', what can I say, I am just plain sick & tired of listening to them! I am also not writing this post as a way of starting a debate! I have made up my mind about who I am voting for & although I hope that everyone votes for him-I am not about to sit here & try to persuade people to vote for him. I am a voter who has a few issues that are very near & dear to my heart & no one-I mean NO ONE-will change my mind on them. I do freely admit that my Faith is a huge factor in how I vote-that is how I was raised & it is what I hope my children will base their decisions off of in their lives. Now that is not to say that I just 'automatically' let my faith make my decisions for me-I do give them lots of thought & consideration so that I can be an educated voter, but I do let it play a part in influencing who I will vote for on election day.
I am also aware of the fact that other people think differently than I do & that they have their own "issues" that are important to them. I also know that I will not change their points of view on their issues so I am not here to tell you how or what to think or who to vote for, but just to say that I am sick & tired of listening to all of the political jargon/ads/doublespeak! So...

Mr. Obama-"Will you please stop running the ad that says 'John McCain voted with President Bush 90% of the time?'" I can't help but think that you are implying that every single thing Bush ever approved was bad-were 90% of his policies all bad or was it just the 10% that John McCain didn't vote for that were bad? I'm sure it falls somewhere in the middle-I can't say that I know how many of his policies were bad & how many were good, but please stop implying that everything has been horribly wrong for the last 8 years! I'm sure that somewhere in that 90% there are at least some good policies!

Mr. McCain-"Will you please stop running the ad that says 'This crisis will be his first crisis in an executive postition?'" Yes it will-does that necessarily mean that he won't be able to handle it. I don't know for sure, but I would imagine he would be fine especially if he surrounded himself with an intelligent staff or maybe he would fail miserably. At this point, if you don't win, well, we have to have confidence in him to lead us so stop suggesting that we shouldn't! Would he really be the first President with the least amount of experience? Again, I don't know for sure, but at this point it doesn't really matter anymore because he won the Democratic nomination & their vote of confidence so give it a rest.

With all of that being said, I can tell you that I will vote for McCain on Nov. 4th because I am confident that he will support my 3 BIG issues-proadoption legislation, prolife legislation & protecting the environment (although here in Illinois "Obama country"-it won't really matter, but at least I can feel at ease that I made the decision that I felt best suited my family & our needs & that I fulfilled my duty as a citizen of this great country of ours!)

Please go out & vote-no matter who you're voting for this November!


Jamie said...

Obviously you know I'm voting the other way -- my ticket was very split.

I was raised Catholic but I haven't practiced for many years for a variety of reasons. I understand the faith and how that can impact your political positions.

Personally, I see Obama as being proadoption. Am I missing something?

I understand the prolife issue and I agree. I am prolife as well but I disagree with cases of rape or incest.

What are your thoughts on Governor Palin?

Anita said...

Now remember-I don't want a debate! :)

However, I will answer your questions.
You are not "missing something"-I hope that I didn't imply that Obama is anti-adoption in any way because I don't believe that at all. I know that he has gone on record saying that he would support adoption legislation. All I meant is that I know that McCain supports it as well as the other 2 issues that are important to me (one of which I know that Obama does not support to the degree that I would want my candidate to support it-the prolife issue-if he did, I would have a lot harder decision to make!) Again, I'm not trying to debate anything here-just stating what I believe to be true-as far as the rape & incest exceptions-I just don't agree with it-those circumstances were not that child's fault & adoption can be a viable solution for that child to have a 'normal' life.
As for my thoughts on Governor Palin, well...I like her-she seems like she would be alot of fun to hang out with sometime. I don't think she is stupid, like some in the media like to portray her. Is she ready to be President? Does she have enough experience? I don't know, but I don't really know that Obama does either. She has had to govern a state from an executive position though & I do think that it is a better & closer 'experience' to actually being President than being a Senator. (Did that make sense?)
I also don't think that she is a "bad" mother because she has chosen to take on this role. In fact, in some ways I admire her for wanting to step up & be in a position where she can directly impact the laws that will affect her children & grandchildren. I would be curious to know if her husband plays more of the "nurturer" in their family-I know that some dads are better in this role (& even choose to stay home with the kids) than their wives can be in the same role.
Any other questions-I'd be happy to answer if I can, but again I'm not here to debate-just to state what I think. That is one of the true blessings of living in this country is each person having the right to think & believe whatever they want-no matter if we agree with it or not! :)