Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HE could never be a woman!

As you all know by now, I love to tell on Scott! This morning's conversations definitely made for one of these times & I said to him "you know this is probably going to end up in the blog!" :)
Our normal morning routine usually consists of Scott getting up around 5:15 (sometimes I get up & exercise at this time, but most of the time I choose to sleep instead), showering & then waking me up when he is finished so that I can get ready. He then ventures downstairs & does whatever it is he does (makes his lunch for the day, eats breakfast, watches TV, takes care of Luke if he wakes up, etc.) When I've finished getting ready (if Luke isn't up yet), he heads off to work. If Luke IS awake, then he usually brings him upstairs to hang out with me so that he can finish getting around & head off to work. You get the picture.
Anyway, this morning I was just about ready when Luke woke up so Scott came up & got him up & dressed-then brought him into our bedroom. He headed downstairs (I thought to leave for work). When Luke & I got downstairs, Scott was getting his coffee made up & standing by the stove waiting for his tea kettle to boil (water for his oatmeal).
I said "You haven't eaten breakfast yet?" (slightly confused)
He said "No, I haven't gotten to it yet."
I said "Well what have you been doing with your time-it's been like 40 minutes, since you first came downstairs?" (granted I may have been using a slightly sarcastic tone of voice)
He said "I had to make my lunch."
I said "It took you forty minutes to make your lunch!" (getting more sarcastic)
He said " was doing other things...I dozed off..."
Me (laughing & sarcastic) "You dozed off! What would happen if I dozed off after I came downstairs & all I got done was getting my lunch packed...I would have to be a stay-at-home mom because Luke & I would never make it out the door!" (no offense intended to any of the SAHM's out there) ;)
I believe that this is when I good naturedly said something about it going in the blog-he ate his oatmeal & left for work.
I am a good wife! (I just have to razz the poor guy sometimes!) :)

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