Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh the humanity!

Everyday, Monday through Friday, Luke gets to go to the babysitter (& oh how he LOVES the babysitter!) He gets to have a grand ole time each & everyday being doted on by someone who loves him a whole lot, plus if the weather is nice he is guaranteed at least one wagon ride, probably a swinging session outside, possibly a golf cart ride (if they have to go out to the field-her husband is a farmer) & at least one trip into town each week when she has to run errands, plus she buys him dinner! There isn't much else he could ask for-it's like Disney World for babies/toddlers, especially since there is an animal running around in the house too! No, it's not Mickey Mouse, just the house dog! :) So taking that all of that into consideration, I've been a little baffled by his behavior when I drop him off in the mornings & pick him up in the afternoons. Check it out for yourselves!

In the morning:
Me: "Is she waiting for us at the door?" (as we're walking up the sidewalk to her house)
Luke: (turning his neck as far as he can looking for her) "She's there, She's there!" (of course he doesn't say this-the BIG grin tells it all as soon as he spots her)
Me: (to the babysitter) "Oh he is just sooo happy to see you today!"
*At this point Luke is basically leaping from my arms into hers & within about 5 mins he is waving "Bye-bye, Bye-bye" to me
Me: "Well I guess I better get going" (somehow I have sensed that he is ready to play!)
Always as I drive away they are standing in the door waving to me as I head off down the road-I LOVE this & it warms my heart, but I also notice the absolute lack of tears about my parting too!

When I return in the afternoon:
Me: I can see Luke through the window as I walk up to the door-he always has a big grin on his face (which makes me very happy!) "Luke I'm so glad to see you!"
Luke: "Me too!" (again no words, just obvious from his HUGE grin)
Babysitter: "Come on Luke-let's walk to Momma!"
Me: "Yay! Walk to Mom!" (as he starts heading my way)
Luke: "Yaaaay! Walking! I love walking! Yaaay, Mom! I love mom, oh wait....she is going to take me home...away from DISNEY WORLD...NOOOOO!!!! (enter complete & total meltdown!)

YEP! That's love for you!

I just pick him up (as he is trying to throw himself onto the ground) & head out the door. Usually, the meltdown will only last a few seconds until we are outside, but as the week progresses (somehow he must know that he only has a limited # of days until the weekend when he will be gone from her house for a few days) they get a little bit worse & by that last day sometimes he's not over it until we get to own our driveway! Maybe we could all just move to Disney World for the weekend! :)

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