Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just a thought...

I'm thinking that maybe I need to get one of those fancy Iphones with the easy Internet access. We just spent the weekend in Atlanta, GA with Scott's sister, Mary. She is the proud owner of one of these phones as is her boyfriend who we also hung out with quite a bit. Scott prides himself on always being "full of knowledge" on many topics & he LOVES to share it! So during one of the many, many discussions that we had where Scott was trying to tell us how things are whether it was politics, KFC history, etc, there were several times when I started to say "Oh when we get home, we'll have to look it up...", but before I could even finish the sentence-there was Mary whipping out her phone-(Iphone to the rescue!) I would express my glee at the fact that we could prove him wrong (hopefully) right on the spot, but much to my dismay-he was actually pretty accurate most of the times-Ssssshhhhhh, please don't let him know that I actually admitted this :) I have to admit that I wasn't really a huge fan of them when they came out, but I can see their potential now for helping me in my mission of trying to keep Scott on his toes by actually being able to check out his 'facts' right on the spot-oooohhh the fun I could have!!! ;)

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