Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Randomness in July

I apologize for the lack of posts recently-it was partially due to internet wackiness here & partially just me giving other things around here first priority-so I apologize my dear readers :)

1st bit of random:

Scott's new job has been going well, but the hours are super crazy. Last night, he actually got home early enough to spend about 45 minutes with Luke before Luke's bedtime. Most days, thus far anyway, he has really only gotten to see Luke for about 20 minutes in the morning before he has to leave for work so lots of Mommy & Luke bonding time lately.
It has been a big adjustment going from a husband who is here ALL the time to a husband who is here almost NONE of the time, but after about the first week or so-I think we have all adjusted. Although it is hard to remember to tell him important stuff when I only see him maybe an hour a day & then all he wants to do is talk about what he did at work-ugh, gotta love him :) Most importantly, he likes what he is doing thus far & he does still have whole weekends off. This 'crazy' schedule is only supposed to occur during the summer months each year so maybe soon we'll see more of him around these here parts again :)

2nd bit of random:

Yep, I'm that person! I'm one of those people who watched the MJ memorial on TV even though I have only discovered how much of his music I actually knew & liked because he died. Growing up my parents were strictly 'country' people & the rest was just labeled as 'noise' :) When I was at the age where I started branching out & listening to different kinds of music, you can probably guess what happened, he was in the middle of his first scandal. I knew the songs, but never really knew who sang them-I am still that way with lots of songs that I like unless they are country. I probably would have been bawling my eyes out several different times while watching the memorial, if only I wasn't waiting on internet people to show up-could you imagine what they would think when I opened the door if I had been? :) All in all, I thought it was very touching & that this took a great amount of strength on the part of his brother. I was also a bit perturbed by the "fan" that the reporter caught on the way out afterwards who kept saying "it was a great show". was a funeral, not a show-show some respect please!

3rd bit of random:

My little man is making me one proud Catholic mama! :) He can now say the Sign of the Cross & do the motions! Yay! I can honestly say that he is better than me...I put his snack on the table yesterday & he said "Father" (with his hand on his forehead). I said "Oh, you want to pray...okay...let's pray" (all the while thinking 'if only I would pray before every 'snack' I ate during the day too-I might make better choices :) Anyway, it sounds like this "Fadder, Sun, Oly, [mumbles that we can only assume are for 'spirit', A mon"

And that seems as good of a place to stop as any ;)

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