Sunday, July 26, 2009

"You Light Up My Life" Sunday 7/26/09 edition

This person is a good friend.
This person LOVES to talk & is easy to talk to.
She is a good wife & mother.
She is creative.
If I ever needed anything done "just so" right down to the little details, she'd probably be one of the first people I'd call :)
She has given me 3 super little people to be an aunt to, one of which is my awesome & only godson!
This person can make yummy cookies & loves to bake all kinds of goodies.
If I ever need a picture from any family gatherings, I can pretty much guarantee that she will have taken one at some point that I can borrow! ;)
This person loves to read too & is always willing to give me a suggestion for 'what to read next'!
She is a great aunt to the only nephew she has ;)

So, here's to my sis-in-law, Jenny~I love ya!

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pjseiler said...

You're sweet! This made my day!!!