Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Water...what's the difference?

I bet you thought this post was going to be about the bottled water vs tap water debate that was in the news earlier this week, WRONG, guess again! :)

Fill his sippy cup with water & you get the response..."Water." "No, thing else?" aka 'something else?'

Fill up a "big person" cup with water & he can't hold himself back from drinking it AND he'll ask for more!

Okay, well that makes a little sense, since maybe he is wanting to do what we're doing, but you just never can predict what moment he will decide to dump the whole thing on the floor either!


What about not being able to get enough of trying to suck the water out of any wash cloth we use to wipe his face after meals & trying to drink his bathwater all of the time?

Personally, I find it a little gross & say "Hey kid, just drink the water out of the sippy cup already & we'll both be happier!" (Well at least your mother will be :)

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Mama Bear said...

wow- its like I wrote this post!