Monday, July 20, 2009

It's ICLW week again!

It's that time again & I want to welcome any new readers & all of my returning readers~thanks for reading my stuff :)

I've never done this for ICLW week, but I have seen things like it on others' blogs so here is a little history for all of you. New readers, I hope you like what you see & will maybe decide to become a regular reader and to all of my "regulars" (even the blogstalkers out there ;) I hope you don't mind this little stroll down memory lane, just in case you missed something the first time around! ;)

The beginning of Faith, Hope & Poop?

Some of my favorite things

The first post with a comment! (Trust me I was very excited when this happened :)

Almost 2 years ago now...

Almost 2 months ago now & then this happened so I shared this & there will be an update this week in regards to "how I am doing?"

How the Sunday thing got started.

One of my favorite adoption 'educatin' posts

And now for some fun stuff ;)

I pulled this "Luke post" out of the archives

Yep, this & this are me

My mom could not have been prouder when I exposed this to the world :)

And I'll end this lovely post with a question & its answer!

Hope you enjoyed your visit & come back again soon :)


Michelle said...

Wow! You have been through a lot the last few months. Your strength amazes and inspires me.

Michelle said...

Fun way to introduce your blog!! Love your demolition baby post..that is my 13 mo old son to a tee!!

Grown in My Heart said...

Here from ICLW--love your "What not to say" post!! It's so true!

Kristin said...

Whats really scary is not when you take off a shoe and find a rock but when you take off a diaper and find a little rock...and know that said diaper was covered by overalls and the boy child still found a way to get said rock in there.


Lisa RM said...

That's cute!

Meg. said...

Just found your blog through ICLW...and just finished clicking on most of your links in this post. =)

You've been on one crazy roller-coaster, my dear. But I'm so glad that you ultimately found your son! I'm praying that you're able to add to your family, if that's the path you choose.