Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Innocent Conversation?

I had just sat down to relax for a few minutes when I heard the "click" of Luke's bedroom door opening & shutting. He was up from his nap, normally he would be crying/calling for one of us, but not this time...I looked at our strategically placed mirror just in time to see his little feet rounding the upstairs corner. He was being very quiet...hmmm...that could mean trouble, so I went upstairs to find out what he was doing. When I got up there, I spotted him standing innocently by the computer moving the mouse around and this was the conversation that then took place...

Me: "Luke what are you doing?"
Luke: "Looking at computer...Frank."
Me: "Do you want me to help you find Frank?"
Luke: "Yes!"
A few moments later as we're waiting for the internet to come up...
Me: "Do you still want Frank?"
Luke: "No!"
Me: "Well what do you want?"
Luke: "Whiskey!"

Now please refrain from calling any social service agencies on of Luke's favorite things to do is to look at this website at all of his favorite puppies (& trust me-he has quite a memory for these puppies-he can recite quite A LOT of them on sight & he specifically requests which ones he wants to see :) Check it out~obviously, two of his current favorites are "Frank" & "Whiskey" & luckily, they appear in order right next to each other ;)

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Carrie27 said...

Hee hee, too funny!