Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Therapeutic words

I heard this song & then later this song over the weekend and both brought great feelings of sadness as they described how I am feeling as we are dealing with this latest disappointment.

Especially the lines from Kenny's song...

"Wish I could unremember
Everything my heart's been through
And finding out it's impossible to do
Oh it's no use
I can't unlove you"

Along with...

"Interstates and old songs
Like time they go on and on
I guess could learn to do the same
I can wake up without you
These two arms not around you
Tell myself it was meant to be this way
No matter how I try
Some things I can't change"

And then the line from Little Texas's song...

"I try not to think about what might have been
Cause that was then and we have taken diff'rent roads
We can't go back again there's no use giving in
And there's no way to know
What might have been"


Kocher Family said...

I'm so sorry anita ;-( We are thinking of you. Praying for you!

Carrie27 said...

I can't even begin to imagine the heartbreak your family is going through. Sending so much love and happiness your way.

Kyra said...

I'm sorry. I can kinda of understand what you are going through but that doesn't fix anything. Praying for you.