Monday, December 14, 2009

The Finale: A 'Tail' of Running

Okay, so I really never finished up this little series of posts due to life getting in the way, well here it is...

If you need to catch up here is the original & here is Part 2.

Sooo, that Monday evening came & I decided to run "at night" in the dark....

I headed out the door with my light colored clothing & a flashlight. The flashlight definitely came in handy as I was passed by several cars while I was walking/running, but it also helped to ease my imagination that kept trying to run wild.

I had also decided to bring along my MP3 player to use the music as a distraction for my crazy imagination too.

I kept hearing the words "Chicken" & "Pansy" running through my head as I went along...

but I finally settled into a somewhat calm pattern & let myself get lost in the rhythm of the running & the music playing in my ears while keeping an eye out for cars.

All was going very well & I was really beginning to see just how silly I was being about all of this running in the dark stuff.

Then all of a sudden I realized that I wasn't really paying attention anymore & as I became more alert & began to take in my surroundings again (through the beam of a flashlight)...I saw it...not more than 15-20 feet away from me...


I started stomping my feet & talking out loud & it decided to turn around & crawl back towards the trees from where it had come...

My imagination started going HOG WILD at this point & I admit that I was just a wee bit concerned! Why, you ask? Because I cannot smell, thus, I had no idea if any spraying had occurred, so the following questions began running through my head...

1. Do I smell like skunk?
2. If I do, will I stink up my house just by stepping into it?
3. What if Scott is putting Luke to bed & I can't confirm or deny this right away?
4. What the hell am I going to do if I smell like skunk-I have to work tomorrow?

A little overreaction, maybe, but this is how my brain works :)

I walked into the house...Scott was in the living room...he said that I did NOT smell like skunk...then he laughed at my insanity :)

All I could think was "HA!" I was right to feel like a 'chicken' when it comes to running after dark around here!

JUSTIFICATION never "smelled" so good! ;)

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