Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!!!

This is a modified version of the letter that we sent out for Christmas this year...I thought it seemed like a good fit for wrapping up the blog for this year too.
Thanks for continuing to read along with us on our journey through life! :)
Wishing you a Happy 2010!!!

We hope that this finds you all doing well! I think it is safe to say that all of us here are just a little bit glad to be saying goodbye to the year 2009…it’s definitely been a bit rough on us-starting the year out with Scott’s job loss followed by two failed adoptions (one in June & one in November)-let’s just say that a “fresh start” is something that sounds just a little appealing at this point!
So in order to send this year out in style (& to get away from all of that negativity in the first part of this post), here are the…

Top 5 Things That Were
“Fine in 2009!”

5. Teaching! I love working with all of the kids at school & up at church for religion classes. They make my days fun & they give me many great stories to share when the day is done.

4. Scott found a job! He has been employed with a company since the end of June. He works on computers/networks for school districts & is stationed at 3 different schools. He is really enjoying this job & the change of pace. It was quite a blessing that he not only found a job, but also one that he enjoys!

3. Kitties, puppies, trains/cars, balls & BOOKS! Luke has discovered quite a LOVE for all of these things over this last year & if you listen close, you might catch him ‘quoting’ some of his favorite lines from books. He also really likes talking about his cats-Sassy, Bert & Esther!

2. Friends & Family! In many ways, this year has been a tough one, but it has also shown us just how blessed we are to have friends & family like all of you in our lives! The support & love we have been given means more to us than words could ever express & we love each & every one of you very much!

1. Faith! We still have lots of it & we plan on using lots of it in the new year!

We’re looking forward to the New Year and hope that you are too!

The Faith, Hope & Poop Household

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