Sunday, January 29, 2012

30 years ago...

I became a sister for the first time.

Now I was only 16 months old and, at this point, was probably fairly oblivious to how much my world was about to change, but I am sure glad that it did!

Constant companion...constant rivalry...endless hours of fun (with a bit of fighting thrown in too along the way) of my closest friends.  30 years ago today brought many things into my world and has made my world a far better place.

And now it's no longer just her, but it's also a wonderful brother-in-law with a nice family that we enjoy spending time with when the opportunities arise.  And it's four lovely little faces that feel my heart up right to the top each time I see them!

That's the thing about a sister (or sibling in general for that matter) that no one really ever tells you...when their world expands a little bit does your own!

She has been very blessed to have her own world expanded in so many good ways just as we have been blessed right along with her as it has expanded!

Emily, I hope you have had a great birthday weekend (if you need another glass of wine or a beer tomorrow, just give me a call! ;)

Thanks for just being & here's to, at least, another 30 happy years more!

Happy Birthday!

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