Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Hero!


The hero at our house today is.....

Scott aka Dad!

With a new tool in his hand and three or four attempts at making it work tonight, he managed to get the main floor toilet working! (We had been without it working the entire weekend and several days last week.)

Why was it not working?

We'll just say that a younger person (who shall remain nameless at this time) likes to unroll toilet paper and fill the toilet with it whenever he needs to spend his time in there dropping a deuce.  He prefers to use the kiddie potty, but manages to use his time wisely when he's in between deuces (during the same visit) or when he's finished, but not completely ready to clean up yet.
The grownups of the house were trying to remember to always put the toilet paper away on a high shelf after using it, but one lucky day (for the aforementioned younger person) and not so lucky day (for the toilet and the adults) the lady of the house forgot to put the toilet paper back on the shelf.  BINGO!  Half a roll of toilet paper + an attempted flush with it in the toilet (never before tried btw) = one majorly clogged toilet and the better part of an evening spent trying to unclog it!


Scott did some internet research and purchased a toilet auger and after 3-4 attempts tonight, there was a magical sound...

a flushing toilet!

Like I said, Our Hero! :)

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