Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lazy Weekend!

It is so nice to have a weekend with nothing on the agenda! 

We are getting back into the swing of things around here and have done a good job so far of trying to start some new habits/routines.  Of course, we did not get them all perfect (and, of course, never will either), but we did get some insight into which areas we need to do a better job with this week.

The joy of having nowhere that we have to be is getting to hang out at home and work on things together.  Today, most of the Christmas stuff was taken down.  The tree will come down tomorrow.  Some cleaning got done and groceries were purchased.  Plus, there was still lots of time to just relax!  It was a good day.

I finally got back to running this week too (after an almost month long unintended hiatus) and places that I have felt "loosening" have started tightening back up in just a matter of days.  It has amazed me actually :)  My goal is to do another 1/2 marathon sometime this spring and at this point it is just a matter of picking which one.  I have also signed up for a series of 5K events to be held in our local community throughout the year so, hopefully, that will help to keep me motivated in between the bigger events I plan on participating in.

Getting back into the school routine went much easier than I expected.  I am anxious to see how this week goes with me starting back to school myself.  Two back-to-back long days every week and fitting in time to study/work is going to be quite the challenge, but I think the family and I are up for it and as always, THANK GOD for a wonderful sitter who doesn't mind having to keep the little guy a few extra hours on class nights!  I sure will miss him on those days though as I probably won't see much of him from the time he and I get to school until the next morning :(

Anyway, here's to the end of a long ramblingish type of post and to the beginning of a new challenge!

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