Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions

If you'd like to read about my resolutions from last year, here you go...

I think that I did really well overall with the first one.  I still have quite a bit of weight that I'd like to lose and I believe that it will eventually come off, but for now I am just satisfied with what an "active" year I was able to accomplish.  I have also developed a taste for eating quite a few more fruits and veggies in my diet which has been a nice bonus!

I didn't quite make it to my 2nd resolution from last year, but you've probably already read about that in my last post :)

And now for this year's resolutions!

In 2012, I am planning on continuing to work on my resolutions from last year to continue bettering my body and my brain, but I am going to focus on two new areas this year.

1)  Organization: I am a person who needs structure (at least most of the time anyway) and I feel like it has been lacking in many areas in recent months.  I am going to be taking classes during most of 2012 and am afraid that this will only become a much bigger problem if left untouched.  So, Scott and I have been discussing and working on plans for organization around the house and with budgetary/household/grocery items.  We've already started implementing a few changes during the past weeks and are excited about jumping into all of it!

2)Gratefulness/Thoughtfulness: I am always grateful for my blessings and am constantly thinking of/praying for others, but I am also not the best at showing this.  A "well wish" that only ever remains a thought is never as good as a "well wish" that is actually delivered either in person, via card, etc.  I am very poor at actually delivering on these things and with a new year comes a chance to be better.

Overall, the goal is to continue working on just being a better person-physically, mentally and emotionally.  Here it goes... :)

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