Monday, January 2, 2012

This Christmas...

was one of the best christmases I've had in a long time!

I can't attribute it to any one thing or just was.

Some differences:

*It didn't feel like it snuck up on me this year, thus, much less stressed out.  I truly believe the Advent tree played a big part in this.  I had to be prepared ahead of time so that Luke could do the things that were listed in the calendar.  If the day that said "wrap presents" was coming up, well by golly, we had better have all of the presents we needed ready, right?!  If we were "making cookies" one day, then I had better have all of the necessary supplies in place because you can bet your bottom dollar that once Luke checked the calendar...he was going to be ready to start right that instant! :)

*Also, thanks in part to the item listed above, this season felt like more of a journey rather than an event that takes place in just a matter of days.  It was nice to get to experience each day/each family gathering, in the moment, rather than worrying about where we needed to go next and what we needed to bring.

*We had VISITORS! :)  Almost every person in each of our immediate families stopped by at some point during December/Christmas! (Sorry Emily, Eric & girls...the house wasn't completely decorated yet when you were here...maybe next year ;)  This is a rare accomplishment indeed, but we enjoyed every minute of each of the visits!  Now it's on us to sneak in some visits to all of you sometime soon!

*There was no feeling of "it's all done :(" when Christmas Day was through.  It felt like what I think the holiday should feel like.  Happy & Blessed!

Although, it is still a year away, I am curious to see what the next Christmas season will bring and if it is anything like this one, then I'm excited to see it arrive again!
(If Luke has HIS way, I may not have to wait all year.  Christmas may never end because the decorations will never come down! :)

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