Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Full Mind

A full mind is never a good thing, well, at least in my case anyway.
In my case, when my mind is full, it becomes all "swirly" and focusing on any one thing becomes very difficult.
My brain feels like it has been bombarded over the past two weeks with both ongoing and completely new things.

My family is always my top concern.
I am constantly thinking about my child, his well being, the judgements of others, and the relationships that he holds so dear yet struggles so much with because of some things that I believe are not always completely under his control.  And he is only 4 years old...
It makes us very grateful for those in his life who are patient with him even when it is VERY hard and for those who try to understand and help, instead of walking away from him.  We are so very grateful for an understanding teacher/school staff and for those close to us who do make time for him, despite the challenges that can bring at times.
He is and always will be my little man and I love him beyond belief and will always want to do the best by him! And I hope that those closest to him will never give up on him.

School is becoming a new priority too.
I began "the grind" this week.  Two days a week of driving an hour plus each way for class.  Sitting in class two hours plus each night and getting home after bedtime makes for some long days. 
Luke and I have made the most of our morning quality time.  I try to get most of the stuff I would usually do in the morning done before I go to bed.  Then all I have to worry about once I'm dressed and ready to go is eating breakfast (drinking coffee too, of course!) and playing with Luke before leaving for the day. 
Scott has done a wonderful job of adjusting to it all this week!  We'll see how he's doing by the time Week 16 rolls around ;)
Somewhere in the midst of all this, I will find time for homework and research papers too!

I am very much looking forward to a night out with some very dear friends next week!  It always does a mind good to get its "rants" out  within  a "safe zone" and these girls are DEFINTITELY a huge part of my sanity keeping! :)  I am also glad to be a huge part of THEIR  sanity keeping too! ;)

I trust them with my family, my "issues" and my life! And I'm more than happy that they trust me with theirs too. Thanks, in advance, girls!

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