Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Help! I've fallen & I can't sit up!

I'm sure that this is what Luke is thinking when he has somehow managed to let himself fall onto his back. He tries to keep it from happening, but every once in awhile (especially when he is tired) it happens & then he lets us know about it. It usually starts with a small whine (GA, GA, GAAA!) & then escalates from there. Now, mind you, we are not trying to be bad parents by ignoring his initial protests, but we ARE trying to see if he will get himself out of this position on his own. All it requires, is for him to roll over to his side & try to push up. Does he even try it? No. What he tries to do instead is lift his head & feet off of the ground like he is going to sit straight up out of a lying position. That would be great if he could do that, but it's hard to do (I even have trouble with it-it requires a lot of effort & good abs, which I don't have, but Luke should definitely have by now!) So, when he realizes that we aren't running to his aid immediately when he beckons us, he just lies back & relaxes for awhile. Does he ever roll over? No, but he can sure lay there for awhile until Mom or Dad caves in. Is this a problem? Well, yeah, developmentally wise, he should be able to do this by now. Do we work on it with him? YES, but now we get to let the "experts" have a try at it & see if they can get him to do it or if his stubborn/lazy side will continue to win out!
Keep tuning in for updates of "Luke vs the Experts"! :) Maybe we could get our own reality show!

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