Thursday, July 3, 2008

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Dirty Dishes?

I'm sure Patrick Henry would be rolling over in his grave if he heard me misusing his famous quote like that, but in honor of Independence Day-this is the one chore I would love to be liberated from! I HATE to do the dishes (yes, I know, hate is a strong word, but it is true). I will find just about any other chore to do around the house before I resort to doing the dishes. So, instead, they keep piling up (what? oh, you thought maybe Scott does them then, ummm...HA, NO!) & the problem keeps getting worse. I am fully aware that if I could just bring myself to do them each night-there wouldn't be as many to do each time & my life might be easier, but when have I ever taken the easy road! :) I think I'm just waiting for a magical invention that automatically takes care of the dishes for me (& yes, I have heard of the dishwasher-very nice invention that does make life much easier, but sometimes things don't come out clean[therefore needing to be washed] or there are some things that just can't go/don't fit in the dishwasher[which also need to be washed by hand]. I also realize that there is such a thing as paper plates & plastic silverware that can just be thrown away when you're done, but they won't work for cooking anything unless all of your food is microwavable & it adds up in the $$$ department after awhile & isn't very good for the environment. I would love to just be able to put my dishes on the counter & somehow they would then magically turn up in my cabinets clean without me having to hire a maid-is that too much to ask! If Scott would just choose to do them-FANTASTIC, but I'd take little elves coming during the night like they did in that fairytale about the shoemaker or maybe I could try to find a real life version of Rosie the Robot from "The Jetsons". Unrealistic, yes I know, but any of those sound better to me than the idea of me having to do them! So this Independence Day, be grateful for the freedom that we have in this great country of ours, but maybe think about what you would like to be free of too (if you could be free of it) & I think maybe I'll go do some dishes...or maybe not! :)

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CindyPTN said...

Here, Here! My passionate no-no is ironing. I go out of my way to make sure I do not have to iron a thing. Well I might pull it out once or twice a year, but my husband is on his own.

He absolutely hates the dishes too and I can't find a way to get around them either.