Friday, July 18, 2008

Toe Guards, Please!

Luke LOVES his walker. He likes being able to move around on his own trying to get into cabinets & pulling things off of the endtables (thank goodness he can't do too much damage yet because of the width of the walker.) Since you can walk around the main floor of our house in a circle, he loves to walk "laps" & always throws us one of his sweet smiles as he passes us (so long, suckers!) He also likes it when we throw some of his whiffle balls in the bottom of it. They make a fun sound when he walks, plus they can't get away from him when he kicks them because the base of the walk keeps them contained. I'm glad that he enjoys the "freedom" he gets from being able to "walk" on his own & I like knowing that he can't really do any "damage" yet since he can't actually get into things from the walker, but I do not enjoy the fact that when he sees one of us he comes running at full speed crashing into our feet/toes/heels. (Let me clarify-I am glad that he is happy to see us, just not happy about the pain that is soon to follow!) Now I have learned that if I lift my heel or toes slightly, I can use them like a bumper to stop the walker before it runs over part of my foot, but sometimes the little guy is just too quick or I misjudge the timing and he gets me. "OUCH! (try not to insert profanity!)" So I know they sell shin guards for various activities, but has anyone heard of such a thing as toe guards? If so, I may just be interested!!! :)

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