Monday, July 14, 2008

Love Hurts!

My son is definitely a lover & not a fighter (yet, anyway). He loves to give hugs & kisses, especially when he is getting tired. Of course, all of this loving does come with a fair dose of pain. To give a kiss, he usually feels the need to grab a hold of the hair on each side of my face with his little hands & pull my head towards his little mouth. The result is a wonderful, slobber filled kiss. His hugs tend to begin the same way too, but instead of the longer hair-he tends to be able to grab a hold of those tiny little hairs at the base of my neck & then pull. Ouch! (I can handle the longer hair pulling, but the other is very painful!) I don't believe that he is intentionally trying to inflict pain upon the receiver of his loving affections, but that it is just the easiest way for him to get the hug/kiss done. It makes me happy that he is an affectionate child & Scott & I love receiving his little "gifts of love". We hope that he will always be as happy as he is right now & cherish these moments because we know that he will probably not always be this affectionate towards us (Hello, middle school & high school years), but that doesn't mean that we can't soak it all in now (& maybe use it down the road to embarass him in front of those middle/high school friends!-Would I do that?!) ;)

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