Monday, July 21, 2008

Crazy Lady on our Porch

Saturday, I decided it would be a great idea to hose down our porch since we would probably be having company the following day. It had not gotten done this past spring like we normally try to do so I knew it was pretty bad. Meanwhile, Scott was going to be hacking down the weeds leading up to our porch by hand, since he had let them get way out of control (Did I mention that last summer both our push lawn mower & the weed eater broke down & they have still not been replaced?! In addition, our "great buy" of a riding lawn mower hasn't really worked more than 1/2 a season since Scott bought it 4 1/2 years ago, so our yard gets pretty out of control each summer!) I love my husband, but he is usually not overly motivated to work on these things or the yard after he gets home from work, which can be frustrating. If the equipment was operational, I would try to help out during the day (if Luke allowed for it), but since I'm not mechanically gifted & don't feel like exerting the effort to clip everything by hand-our yard becomes a jungle most of the time. (Sorry got off track-back to the story!) So Scott got all of the hoses hooked together & I went & fetched a broom to knock down all of the spiderwebs down(& it also makes for a nice "scrubber" to get the dirt off the siding while using the hose). I got Luke put in the stoller so that he could watch all of the festivities & Scott began hacking down the weeds. I need to mention here that we did have a couple of wasps nests in the corners of our porch too that Scott had previously sprayed with bugspray to kill the wasps before I started cleaning. Well, as I start spraying, here come the wasps floating through the air. Now they weren't really trying to attack me-they were just minding their own business, but just seeing them made me not want to spray the water because I didn't want to tick them off! Scott informed me that some of them would be fine ("muddabbers") because they don't get mad too easily, but to watch out for the paper wasps because they DO & they will come after you. I asked him how I could tell the difference & he could not really give me a good answer, so I decided to treat them all as paper wasps. To add to the problem, there were horseflies roaming around the porch too! So I started spraying down the siding, but needless to say, anytime I saw a wasp &/or horsefly I shrieked & jumped (which happened quite often). Scott kept looking at me like we wasn't quite sure what was wrong with me & Luke kept looking at me from the stroller like "Whose the crazy lady on our porch!" Well to make things worse, a horsefly landed on the porch right in front of me & I thought "What a perfect target?" so what did I do, I sprayed him with that hose! Of course, he didn't like & it flew off, which resulted in me jumping/shrieking & flinging the hose around (not paying attention to my whereabouts) like a crazy person trying to chase it through the air with water. All of a sudden, I hear "Hey! Watch it! What are you doing?" Yep, you got it-I had totally sprayed Scott with the hose (while he was hacking weeds) & probably Luke too in my madness! Scott wasn't mad (just wondering what was wrong with me!) & did end up helping me after he finished up with the weeds. So if you're ever passing by & wondering who the "crazy lady" is with the hose on our porch,well, it's probably me!

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