Friday, March 13, 2009

Am I Missing Something Here...

(Brad aka "Rope"~the following story is for your benefit-partially because of a long standing joke we have & partially because of your comment on my last 'student story' post...enjoy! :)

Yesterday, I was working with one of my 2nd grade reading groups & the following conversation occurred...

Student: "Mrs. ___ isn't it funny how Nicholas Cage seems to be in every single action movie?"
Me: (wondering what in the world he is talking about & how this topic even came up in the first place???) "Nicholas Cage? What are you talking about?"
Student: "Well, you know, doesn't it seem like Nicholas Cage is in everything now, especially action movies?"
Me: (wondering to myself "Is Nicholas Cage even still around anymore?") "Uh...I'm not sure, what movies are you talking about?"
Student: "Oh, you know, like how he's in that new movie with all the numbers & he has to dig & figure out what the numbers mean."
Me: (AHA!) Oh you're talking about the National Treasure movie, yes, he was in that one.
Student: (looking slightly confused) Well, yeah, he is in the National Treasure movie & Ghost Rider, but no the NEW action movie with the numbers, you know, the one with all the commercials!
Me: (looking WAY confused & trying to remember when the last time was that I really paid any attention to the TV...) Ummm, yeah...okay...
Student: "Well, isn't it weird how he is in all of the action movies now."
Me: "Yes, let's get to our book." (& away from this conversation that was making me look & feel quite ignorant to a 2nd grader!)

Fast forward to later that evening...

Scott & I (yes, maybe the first time all week that I had really paid attention to the TV) were watching our Thursday night shows on NBC & wouldn't you know it...there was a commercial for the new NICHOLAS CAGE movie "Knowing" & wouldn't you know it...digging, numbers & Nicholas Cage-my student did know what he was talking about!

Maybe Nicholas Cage is in every action movie these days! :)

Looks good-maybe I'll have to check it out ;)

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Rope said...

too bad the kid didn't mention angelina jolie or better yet, you didn't mention that cowboy movie when the kid brought up nicholas cage. oh what could have been