Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Did you catch a Leprechaun today?

Well, I didn't, but there were tons of traps set up all over school today!

Those kindergartners were out hunting for them & not one single one of them caught one-boy are those leprechauns tricky!!!

What? You don't believe in leprechauns, oh my, let me provide you with evidence to the contrary!

*Gold-yep, there was lots of it left in the traps-the leprechauns dropped it when they messed up the traps (did I mention that the gold coins were chocolate, which is almost as good as the real thing! :)

*When the kids would leave their classrooms, things would be all messed up-it had to be those leprechauns because some classrooms even found green footprints in their room!!!

*The classrooms' bathroom toilets were full of green water, by far, the best evidence that the leprechauns exist because the leprechauns thought the toilet was a pool & went swimming! ;)

*And, of course, some of the kids actually claimed to have seen a leprechaun-who wouldn't believe a 5 year old's eyewitness testimony...

So are leprechauns real? You'll have to judge for yourself! :)

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