Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rock in your shoe?

On Friday night, we were hanging out at my in-laws' house because two of Scott's siblings were home for the weekend (1 out-of town & 1 out-of-state). We & Scott's other brother's family both live right next to each other & his parents so it makes it easy on these occasions for all of us to get together for the weekend.

Well, we had a fun evening together, but it was obvious that our little guy was wearing down quickly (shocking, since it was only an hour or two past bedtime!) Scott & I decided to head home, but Luke needed to get his shoes put on before we left. I located the shoes sitting neatly on the table where either Scott or Grandma had left them, grabbed Luke & put the first shoe on him.

He proceeded to cry like I was torturing him~I figured that he was being dramatic because he was tired & doesn't like to have to sit still for very long anymore. I grabbed the second shoe, but he continued to wiggle & refused to let ME (or so I thought) put his shoe on him. He has been a COMPLETE daddy's boy lately (not surprising since Scott is home with him all of the time now) so I gave the shoe to Scott to put on him. Luke walked around the room-one shoe on, one shoe off-still a little upset, but he did let dad put his shoe on him.

We packed up & headed out the door, after all of the grandma/grandpa kisses good-bye, & drove the 1/4 of a mile it took to get home. We walked in the door & I pulled Luke's shoe off...I heard a clunk...I looked down at the floor & saw a ...

Oooops, I'm sorry, you'll have to stay tuned for tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday for the ending of this little tale, but trust me you'll LOVE the ending (& probably wonder what kind of mother I am for not having checked his shoes before putting them on him!) ;)

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mama2roo said...

ugh, I can only imagine, having once been the victim of putting on a shoe with a CRICKET THE SIZE OF MY HEAD in it...(shiver)