Sunday, March 8, 2009

"You Light Up My Life" Sunday 3/8/09

This person is quiet, but...
Don't be fooled, he is also a mastermind, especially when it comes to antagonizing his siblings :)
This person is a good dad & uncle.
This person is handy to have around as a "Mr. Fixit"
I am always surprised at how excited he gets when talking about The Lord of the Rings series of books/movies/video games/etc.
This person is definitely the outdoorsy type.
He is very enthusiastic about cooking & likes trying out new recipes.
He can make lots of neat sound effects during conversations! :)
He is a loyal friend.
He is a good husband to his wife.

So here's to my brother-in-law, Pete~I love ya!

1 comment:

pjseiler said...

That's my hubby! :) I especially love the part about being a true.