Sunday, March 29, 2009

"You Light Up My Life" Sunday 3/29/09 edition

This person makes me smile each & every time I see her.
This person was a "first" for me in many different ways...niece, goddaughter, etc.
I love how much she loves her 'babies' & how she seems to know every song she hears!
She could make a wonderful nun someday with as much as she loves to pray.
I love that I can see 'bits' of my sisters & I in her, yet she is still very much her own little person.
She is a good big sister.
I like seeing the "mother hen" come out in her when she is interacting with her little sisters.
This little person helped to introduce me to the idea of just how much I would someday love my future children when we were struggling with IF.
I was always surprised at how calming I found it to 'hang out' with her during that difficult time in our lives too.
I love watching this person grow & change with each passing year!

So, Melissa, here's to you~I love you & Happy 3rd Birthday this week!!!

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