Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Scrooge

This term was lovingly placed upon me by several people last year, but what can I say~Easter just doesn't really float my boat that much. Now don't get me wrong-I like the church/religious side of the holiday. I think the services/celebrations are beautiful & when I am attending on Holy Thursday/Good Friday/Easter Sunday, it always renews within me a deep faith & appreciation for life & what I believe, but...

And this is my biggest issue with Easter...

I just don't "get" the commercial side of Easter.

Oh, sure, I enjoy the candy & it was always great to wake up to a nice basket (or as my husband says "it's a plastic bucket, not a basket!") full of candy, but...

Easter bunnies that lay/bring eggs-who decided that was a great idea? I just don't see how anyone ever thought that those two things would go together-the idea of an Easter chicken must not have been as appealing.

Which leads to-why can't this Easter bunny just leave the eggs in one place like Santa Clause does with the presents? Why are we constantly having to hunt for our eggs? I totally admit to a deep dislike for egg hunting...maybe it's because I was never very good at it & always seemed to be the last one left looking...maybe I just don't get the point. Plus, it seems like everyone under the sun has an Easter egg hunt. I am okay with family egg hunts, but taking Luke & any future children to a gazillion 'community' egg hunts just isn't going to happen-sorry!

Dyeing eggs? Why? You go to all of that hard work & then what do you do with them-crack the pretty eggshell & throw it away.

So, am I an Easter scrooge? Religionwise-No Way! Commercialwise-you better believe it!
Will I try to push my attitude onto Luke? No-in fact, I think the Easter bunny will find Luke this year (technically, he didn't last year, but in our defense-Luke was only about 7 months old & didn't really care or know what was going on, however, he might if he ever reads this post someday! :) & Luke will get to "participate" in egg dyeing & I know that he will also be participating in a couple of egg hunts (but only at family gatherings) so no need to worry-this Easter Scrooge will do her best not to "scrooge up" everyone else's Easters! :)

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Kara said...

this made me laugh :) I just saw on some t.v. show where they explained the origins of easter eggs, bunnies, and baskets. I can't remember the easter bunny explanation, except that it seemed far-fetched. Eggs are symbols of new life and Jesus in the tomb, baskets apparently they used to put the food for Easter dinner in baskets and have the priests bless them. Who knows how it came to be filled with candy and toys?? As an adult, I admittedly am not as excited about Easter as Christmas.