Tuesday, April 14, 2009

General 2009 Resolution Updates

I had originally intended to do this about once a month, but it looks like it may be more like once every few months :)

Anyway, as far as the resolutions go, I would say I am doing okay-not great, not terrible, just okay.

My first resolution was to lose 40 lbs this year & increase my activity. The weight has been coming off, but unfortunately the exercise hasn't really been increasing. So far this year, I have lost approximately 15 lbs (yay!), which means I am slightly over 1/3 of the way to my goal for the year. I have lost 35 lbs overall since last summer, which means I am approaching the 1/2 way mark of my "ultimate" goal (yay again!)
Exercise has been a bit more difficult-I was doing okay for awhile despite the cold weather, but the last month has been rough with the last few weeks filled with illnesses (strep throat, well for about a week, then terrible head cold) that have basically kind of knocked me on my rear. I am hopeful that with the warmer weather that is bound to hit one of these days & school coming to an end in a few weeks that I will be more motivated to get moving.

My second resolution was to read 40 books this year-I have finished 10 books & am currently working on the 11th book so this one is going fairly well & is definitely NOT a problem to complete :)

My third resolution was to take 1 picture a day every single day this year. I started out so well, but life got in the way & this one has fallen by the wayside for now. I have probably averaged a picture a day, but that is only because of lots of pictures taken on a few different days not a picture taken each day. Let's just say that this resolution may need to wait until next year or at the earliest this summer.

My fourth & last resolution was to do one nice thing a day for a different person each day. Have I done nice things everyday? Yes, I think so. Has it been because I have made a conscious effort to do it because of my resolution? No, not at all. I am definitely going to need to do a better job with this one from this point on, especially considering it is probably the easiest one to do everyday! :)

There you have it-the good, the bad & the just plain old ugly truths about my 2009 resolutions! Hopefully, the next update will bring loads of better news! ;)

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