Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garage Sale Pro, not so much...

I like garage sale shopping, but I have to say I don't feel very adept at it.

Our local city-wide garage sale was held on Saturday & I took part once again as I have several times before. I had mentioned trying to go with one of my friends, but decided against it since I was looking for "big" items. I figured that if I happened to find the things I was looking for that there would be no room for her things (& that wouldn't be very polite now would it! :)

So began my bargain hunting...

The first stop was successful-I found an outdoor slide, which is Luke's first official "outside" toy! (I know, some of you may be thinking-isn't he approaching 2 years old? Yes, but because of some of his motor delays he wasn't even hardly moving around on his own until he was almost 1 & so he wouldn't have gotten much use out of anything last summer.)
The pathetic part of this stop was my haggling expertise-I am not a haggler, but for some reason I decided to try it here. Keep in mind that this sale wasn't even "officially" open yet so the lady could have totally laughed me away!
Me: Will you take $10 for the slide?
The Lady: What does the sticker say?
Me: (starting to feel guilty) It says 12, but I just wondered if you would take 10.
The Lady: (contemplating) Well...[interuppted by me]
Me: (feeling really guilty now) Oh, it's okay, (sounding flustered) if you want 12, that's fine...I just thought I'd try haggling...I'm not much of a haggler really (pathetic!)
The Lady: No, $10 is fine.
Me: Are you sure? Thanks (super PATHETIC, but I did get the deal in the end while just losing a little bit of self respect & backbone! :)

My adventures continued as I cruised around town...

I have lived in this area for almost 6 years now & have to admit that I still don't really know the town very well. So I am cruising around trying to find the garage sales & I traveled up & down several streets without seeing any sales or if I did-it was a little one not really worth stopping for.
I kept racking my brain trying to remember where the "good" sales were that I had been to before in the fall & last spring, but I truly believe that all of the streets somehow get turned around in between sales because I am never able to locate them again or if I do-it is AFTER they have been well picked over since everyone else knows how to find them from the start ;)

Needless to say, I did find "enough" of what I was looking for this time around & who cares if most of it came from that very first garage sale & the (last) garage sale where I just happened to be trying to sell a few things myself...the fun is all in the hunting, right?!


MrsZeee said...

This is cute. You are a very honest haggler. I think you've just inspired me to write a post in haggling... I'll reference your site when I do. Thanks!

Mrs Zeee said...

Check out my new post. It was inspired by yours...

Heather and Jase said...

LMAO you sound like me.
I only haggle myself into paying MORE!