Sunday, April 12, 2009

"You Light Up My Life" Sunday 4/12/09

This person knew me before I was born.
This person loves me unconditionally.
This person understands the true meaning of love.
This person has set a great example for how I should live my life.
This person is always near.
This person has always shown me how to handle any pain I have experienced in my life.
This person makes me think about how I treat others.
This person is a great teacher.
This person is the basis for many of the things I believe.
He has shown me that life here on Earth is only the beginning not the end!

So, here's to you, Jesus~I love ya & am thankful for all that you have done & given us!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Kocher Family said...

so happy to hear the Brummer family made it home. Pass on my congratulations!