Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Fun" Saturday :)

Sooo...I meant to get this posted yesterday & didn't quite make it :)

I was trying to decide what to post here yesterday & then Luke was kind enough to provide the story for me!

Luke had just finished up his afternoon snack & I was trying to figure out what we were going to do next when he said "Bike"..."ride?"
I said "Oh, Luke, that is a great idea! Let's go on a bike ride that will be fun." (It did sound like fun, but I was also very aware of the fact that it was VERY HOT outside too-fun!)
I got his juice cup all made up & we headed out to the garage. I hooked him all up in his 'straight jacket' bicycle seat & rolled the bike outside. I went to sit on the bike and only then did I realize that my bum was sore...from riding the bike the day before. What could I do? This little guy behind me was expecting a bike ride now & I didn't want to waste all of my effort of getting his cup ready AND getting him into his seat :) And get this, it wasn't only my bottom, but also my thighs once I started pedaling along that were sore too. (Have I ever mentioned that our road is full of lots of very 'subtle' hils that you don't notice so much when you're walking on them, but they are very noticeable when riding a bike on them!) So I toughed it out for at least 1 1/2 miles-fun! Anyway, we eventually made it back to our driveway, which by the way has the steepest hill of the whole ride, yeah, I know-fun! I got off the bike & started to push it towards the garage when all of a sudden I hear Luke say:


All I could say was "Yes, Luke it was fun."
In fact, that made it all totally worth it & actually I did enjoy it, but I think maybe tomorrow we could...

let dad do it ;)

And for more "FUN!" I hope the following videos help everyone to stay cool-I know I am (& you can interpret that anyway you'd like too :)

The version I love:

And one that I thought was funny:


Hope.Faith.Patience said...

Hi! Thanks for delurking on my blog :-) i'm glad your bike ride was fun despite the heat! It's so cold were i am right now :-)

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Good for you for getting out there and biking again (even when it hurts)!