Monday, June 22, 2009

A "Tail" of two boys...

"Luke & Bert"

Scott's parents left for the weekend & put Scott in charge of checking on the house & animals. On Saturday morning, Luke went along to "help". About 5 minutes later, I heard them come back into the house, which seemed pretty quick for being done with what they were doing. All I could hear was "meow, meow"...and thought 'Luke must have seen the cats & is pretending to be one again'. :)


Scott was carrying Luke AND a little gray & white kitten. He said that it was just sitting by one of the dog houses & he found it when he went to feed the dog. We called one of the neighbor's to see if they had one lost, since we knew they had some around the same age & they said that they also had a kitten show up at their house that didn't belong to them. We all figured that someone probably either "dumped" a litter nearby or just picked houses where they thought the kittens might get "taken in".

Well, it seems that the kitten Scott found is a boy so I named him "Bert", which Luke took a liking too right away & we got him a nice little 'home' set up on the front porch. We can tell that he was well taken care of (except for the dumping part that is) & has been handled quite a bit & Luke LOVES him already. They make quite the pair actually.

Luke walks around saying "Boort" & when we bring him in to pet/play with for a little bit, he walks around carrying him saying "Boort...Food" :) He is definitely worried about Bert not eating enough. He also really likes to carry Bert, give him hugs & licks (a little gross, I know) while saying 'aahh' & Bert doesn't seem to mind one bit. He just lets Luke carry him, with his feet hanging out & has not once tried to scratch him even when Luke put his face right up to the dog's face!

I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...(as long as Bert can survive out here in the 'wilderness' :) but that's a story for another day!


nutmeg96 said...
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nutmeg96 said...

Congratulations on the new member of your family. :)


A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Kids and pets...such a cute combo! :)


Carrie27 said...

Cute! Kids with pets is an adorable show to watch.

Lisa RM said...

Fun, kitty!


Beautiful Mess said...

Aww poor little kitty! Glad he found himself a great home with a built in best friend. Very sweet!

Liv said...

Awe how absolutely adorable! Glad Luke has his new friend "Boort". I'm amazing at how laid back that kitty is. My cats even as kittens never let you pick them up and hold them! And scared of kids to boot.

Definitely the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Mary said...

I can't wait until Bert becomes a house cat.