Sunday, January 9, 2011

80's Styles~Thank You! :)

All one has to do is take a quick look around to see that many of the styles from the 80's are back! I myself did not get to take part in many of these styles at the time. I was a mere child & my mother purchased clothes for us that were "sensible" and the "trendier" things didn't always fit this bill :)

One of the styles that I can remember never experiencing were leggings. Oh, we had tights to wear with our pretty dresses & then eventually stirrup pants (ugh! And yes I have seen that these are back in the stores again too. Double UGH!) , but I am an adult now though & am able to purchase my own clothes so I recently bought myself a pair of leggings! I LOVE them! I love wearing them with my tall boots & a skirt/sweater. I love that I can feel dressed up, but still not really be exposing any skin (especially since it is now winter & really cold outside!) They are a great excuse to wear a skirt any time of the year & hide things you don't want people looking at, like those pesky vericose veins behind my knees :)

Another item from the 80's that I may have had, but never used or really had a need for was an exercise sweat/headband. My husband brought this one back into my world. A sweatband was one of my gifts for Christmas from him this year. WHAT? I know, here's the backstory. When I run, especially if there is any wind at all, I can not keep my earbuds for my MP3 player in my ears for the life of me. If one is staying in, then the other is falling out & sometimes both of them give me issues. I began hinting around about needing something to help keep them in or some headphone style ones. I, however, accidently used the term "headband" one time when talking about this so, low & behold, there was my headband for Christmas from him. :) I poked fun of it a bit, but when I tried it today, it was SUPER! It fit snug on my head AND held my earbuds in my ears without one single problem!!! Sweatbands, who knew? :)

So, does anyone know if there is a newfound benefit to leg warmers? Maybe they'll make it back yet too! ;)

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