Sunday, January 2, 2011

Toy Room

It's official Luke has a "Toy Room."

My idea is for most of his toys to be located in the basement where he could just go downstairs on his own & play with them when he wants to. He has several ride-on toys so this seems like it would be an ideal solution.

The problem: Have you seen our basement? ;)

It's a mess! Storage/workspace/crafts dumping ground/seasonal decorations/whatever the heck we decide to throw down's a mess!

We did not have nearly as much "free" time over this holiday break due to quite a bit of traveling/holiday celebrations as I would have liked so the basement was not tackled. Oh, it's been 'started', but there is still a LONG, LONG way to go!

Post-Christmas, there are way too many toys for our living room to handle & I do not want Luke to have toys in his bedroom, so another solution had to be found.

We have a guest bedroom/nursery-in-waiting/general junk accumulator upstairs next to Luke's room that Scott was also wanting to tackle over Christmas break (he wanted to move Luke into a the bigger full-size bed that was located in this room under a big pile of the aforementioned "junk" :) At some point, I realized that it would be much easier to clear out this bedroom for toys until the basement is ready~Scott realized this very quickly too ;)

We began clearing out the space, but it was a bit bittersweet meant that the crib that has been "waiting" had to come down & the carseat, baby bathtub, etc also had to be "put away". It was a bit hard for both of us, but the result is a space that is great for Luke to play in for right now & he has upgraded to a lovely full-sized bed!

Mentally, I think this was a bit beneficial though, even though we hardly went into this room & the door stayed shut most of the time-it feels nice to be able to walk right into it without all of the 'memories' hitting me right in the face right away...I didn't realize until it was all set up as a "toy room" how much I've felt like my life has been "on hold" even if we have been moving on with our lives until that was all put away.

No worries, though, if we would happen to get "the call" tomorrow~I'm sure we could have it all back out & ready to go again in no time at all ;) In the meantime, we'll just enjoy the toys & each other (at least until that basement gets cleaned up anyway)! :)

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