Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Moment in History Brought to You Today By...

I was working on sorting through a pile of papers/junk in the basement (you know, the one we're hoping to get cleaned up ;) I got to the bottom of the pile & found an album that I knew contained picutres from my college days. Awww...the memories...and, ahem, the word listed at the top of this post!
As I was flipping through the pictures (and remembering the good times :), I came across some pictures circa 2002 of one of my roommates (& best friends still to this day), Lora, and myself...we were attempting to set one of her books on fire in our apartment sink...we did not succeed, the thing would never light on fire.
I looked at them & thought "Wow! That was a really stupid thing to attempt to do!"
I then turned around & called her to tell her this same thing :)
The phone call wasn't long, maybe a minute, but I know that the smiles & laughter those memories brought were priceless. It also reconfirmed that maybe we haven't been quite the best of influences on each other too, but boy have we had some fun ;)
Thanks for sharing in my brief walk down memory lane! Who knows...there may be more of these to come as I continue my cleaning adventures :)

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Teresa said...

I had forgotten all about that!! What book was it again?!? I do remember though, it wouldn't light!!!! What great memories!! What do you mean 'not the best of influences'?!? Lora is a great influence!!!