Saturday, January 1, 2011

Addendums to my list & My Apologies

In my rush to finish up these "30" posts before my self-imposed deadline of Dec 31st, I managed to forget 2 very important people who should have been part of it
:( Sorry!
There were actually several places I had considered including them:
#23 & #24 posts along with my sisters, I had actually thought about making these about my sisters' families in general, but made a last minute decision to not do them this way. I also considered just including them along with my sisters, but once I started writing it leant itself more to being just about my relationships with my sisters specifically & once again decided not to include them...
#26 was originally going to be titled "The In-laws", but (again a last minute decision as I sat down to write) I changed it to just Scott's family & forgot that these people had not yet been mentioned in the posts discussed above...
#27 had considered briefly early on to include these people in this post because without them, most of my "little people" would not even exist & along with forgetting that they had not been included anywhere else-once I sat down to write, the words just flowed out as you read them in the post...
Sooo, I failed to include them anywhere in my "30" list & for that I give many apologies!!!
Eric & Neil, my brother-in-laws, you most definitely make the "Top 30" :) You make my sisters' lives better, you helped bring many of my "little people" into all of our lives, Luke thinks you are both just super (it helps that you both do lots of farm related things ;), & you can both always make us all laugh!!!
Thanks for being such great parts of my first 30 years!
(I apologize and here's to hoping that you'll now speak to me during my next 30 years! :)

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