Friday, January 21, 2011

It's "Pretty Fly"! ;)

I had been putting off adding music tracks to my phone. Why? I really have no good reason...I just hadn't done it. I kept thinking that it would be nice to have this as a backup to listen to when I'm somewhere besides home & get a chance to go running if for some reason my MP3 player wasn't with me (which it is not most of the time.) Well, yesterday, I asked Scott if he would mind doing that & lucky for me, I have a nice husband who did just that :) I told him to add whatever he could find on our computer & then I would sort them into playlists later. Well, once again, lucky for me, Luke has taken some SUPER naps over the past two snow days & I ended up with time on my hands to sort out the songs. It was great getting to hear parts of old favorites, remembering certain memories when certain song titles came up & rediscovering songs I had forgotten.

There were several that instantly made me laugh like this classic that I had "forgotten" :)

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